Italian Black Rice Risotto: and experiment!

Well, I couldn't resist and I bought it, I never seen it before! The first thing that I tried is a classic risotto and the verdict is that this is not rice for risotto :-). Anyway, here it goes: sauté the onion in butter, add the rice, add a glass of white wine, and then slowly add the veggie stock ladle by ladle and stir until the risotto is cooked. The taste was nutty and interesting, and the colour quite amazing, but the texture was wrong. I knew it when I saw the rice, it didn't look like the right grain, but I had to try! The rest of the packet will go... not quite sure, maybe I will mix it with some long grain white rice and steam it, to see what happens. It may taste good with coconut. What do you think? Did you try this rice?

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Too crunchy maybe? I think it works best cooked as normal rice in boiling salted water and then added sauce and mixed in frying pan for a few minutes, especially with seafood sauces. It also works well in a cold rice salad or even just a small amount added to plain white rice to give a bit of flavor. I've never tried it but what about "una torta di riso nero"?

  2. Yes mixed with long grain white rice could be good, not sure about a cake (need short grain for rice cakes, or at least, Italian style ones). Thank you for the suggestions :-)


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