I had an idea: baked halloumi in filo pastry!

 I just wished that I have thought of this before!) 
We eat quite a bit of halloumi at home, easy to prepare and serve on a bed of sautéed vegetables or couscous, or with a salad. But I thought that there must be another way instead of always grilling it or pan frying it! So I cut it into slices and rolled it in filo pastry, a bit like for a Chinese spring roll. I brushed the pastry with water (this way it doesn't brown too quickly), and baked it! Some leaked a bit, but remained compact (unlike Edam that runs everywhere and burn!), and it was so delicious and easy to do that it is going to become a staple at home (also because it is nice cold too, and the kids had it in their lunch boxes!).

Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. è difficile da trovare questo formaggio ma vorrei provare questa ricetta che mi ispira parecchio, grazie !

  2. Questo e un vero paradiso culinario!Adoro il halloumi!

  3. Caio cara,
    ma che idea fantastica nonostante l'halloumi qui sia una rarità :-(

  4. Looks wonderful, soo tempting baked halloumi.

  5. ha un aspetto invitante!!
    grazie per la condivisione


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